Ultimate electric mountain bike showdown: Kingbull Rover vs. Himiway Cobra

Ultimate electric mountain bike showdown: Kingbull Rover vs. Himiway Cobra

This fall, Kingbull launches three exciting new e-bikes. Cargo electric bike Voyager, with its excellent range and stability, is your best partner for transporting cargo. Rover, a soft-tail all terrain electric bike, has stronger shock-absorbing capabilities and comfort to help you navigate any complex terrain. The folding electric bike LiteRider makes life and games more convenient. 

We cover all areas when it comes to bike design. We have always believed that electric bikes will become a new way of life for people and will replace traditional car travel and entertainment. Our long range e-bikes can help you commute, load cargo, travel, camp, explore, and we are constantly upgrading our e-bikes to better meet the needs of different riders.

Ever since e-bikes began to gain popularity, electric mountain bikes have received a lot of attention from riders. Compared with ordinary bicycles, electric mountain bikes are more comfortable and stable to ride, and they can save more energy when climbing hills. The powerful motor allows you to conquer rougher sections and steeper hills.

The Kingbull Rover is a perfect example of this value. As a premium e-mountain bike, the Kingbull Rover offers the smoothest mountain riding experience at a price even lower than other premium e-bike brands.

In this piece, we compare the Kingbull Rover to the Himiway Cobra, both popular electric mountain bikes. Use our electric bike comparison to help you decide.

Kingbull Rover - Softail Electric Mountain Bike

Kingbull Rover provides greater comfort and stability, and its powerful motor and fat tires can help you conquer any rugged road section, providing an unparalleled riding experience.


Rover is equipped with a 17.5Ah large-capacity battery with a maximum range of up to 60 miles. The powerful power can support riders to explore any environment.


Kingbull Rover has a 750W brushless motor that provides powerful torque. Whether you are driving on rough roads or climbing hills, it can provide strong support.


The Rover e-bike is skillfully crafted with a 6061 Aluminum frame that seamlessly incorporates the battery, effortlessly blending robustness with elegance. This frame not only amplifies the bike's resilience but also adds a touch of sophistication, making heads turn as you cruise by.


Featuring a remarkable maximum speed of 28 mph, the Kingbull Rover presents an ideal means of transportation for urban journeys or adventurous explorations in natural landscapes. Whether you are navigating through bustling city streets or conquering rugged mountain terrain, this electric bicycle offers an abundance of enjoyment and liberation.

Fat Tires

Looking to effortlessly glide through sandy beaches or effortlessly conquer gravel roads? Look no further than the extraordinary 26" x 4.0" CST fat tires featured in the Kingbull Rover. These remarkable tires allow you to effortlessly traverse any terrain, from sand to gravel to pavement, ensuring unrivaled traction, stability, and unwavering confidence throughout your ride.


Weighing at a mere 77 lbs, the Kingbull Rover presents a remarkable advantage in terms of maneuverability and fatigue reduction, setting it apart from other conventional electric bikes available in the market. This lightweight design allows for effortless navigation, ensuring you remain energized and unworn throughout your ride.


In unforeseen circumstances, hydraulic disc brakes deliver enhanced safety by swiftly and effectively bringing the Kingbull Rover to a halt. With their remarkable capability to stop within a short span of time, these brakes provide an added layer of security, ensuring your complete peace of mind while riding.

Kingbull Rover vs. Himiway Cobra

 Feature Kingbull Rover Himiway Cobra
Price $1,699.00 $2,399.00
Motor 750W brushless gear motor 750W brushless gear motor

48V 17.5Ah lithium battery

48V 20Ah lithium battery


Up to 60 miles

Up to 80 miles

Top speed 28 mph 25 mph
Weight 77 lbs 88 lbs
Frame 6061 Aluminum frame with integrated battery design 6061 Aluminum frame with integrated battery design
Front Fork Upgraded alloy suspension Alloy suspension
Rear Shock Hydraulic rear shock Air rear shock
Wheels 26″ x 4″ CST fat tires 26″ x 4″ CST fat tires
Brakes 180mm hydraulic disc brakes 180mm hydraulic disc brakes
Gears Shimano 7 speed Shimano 7 speed



If you are in search of an affordable yet high-quality softtail mountain e-bike, look no further than the Kingbull Rover. Priced at a competitive $1,699, it offers exceptional value for your money. In contrast, the Himiway Cobra, priced at $2,399, presents a higher cost option.

Battery Capacity

The Kingbull Rover utilizes a 17.5Ah battery, providing ample power for your rides. On the other hand, the Himiway Cobra boasts a larger 20Ah battery capacity, significantly enhancing the bike's overall range and endurance. With the extra power stored, riders can embark on longer journeys without any concerns of running out of battery.

Maximum range

The cruising range of an electric bicycle plays a vital role in providing riders with freedom and convenience during their rides. The Kingbull Rover offers a commendable maximum range of up to 60 miles, while the Himiway Cobra excels with an impressive range of up to 80 miles. These extended ranges allow riders to enjoy longer journeys without any worry of running out of battery power.

Weight and stability

With a weight of just 77 lbs, the Kingbull Rover establishes itself as a lightweight option, offering a more enjoyable riding experience. Moreover, its lighter body allows riders to tackle more intricate terrains with ease and confidence. In contrast, the Himiway Cobra, weighing 88 pounds, may pose slightly more heft, which could potentially limit maneuverability on challenging landscapes.

Higher Top Speed

With its impressive top speed of 28 mph, the Kingbull Rover delivers an exhilarating and thrilling riding experience. Designed for riders who seek the thrill of speed, this electric bike is an exceptional choice. It enables riders to enjoy a faster and more exciting journey, pushing the boundaries of adventure and excitement to new heights.

Softail electric mountain bike riding

As a senior e-bike enthusiast, exploring intricate terrains using an e-mountain bike can be a wonderful and fulfilling experience. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that traditional mountain bikes cannot be fully replaced by electric mountain bikes. Due to weight restrictions, there is still a higher risk involved in using an electric bike when tackling exceedingly challenging landscapes. It's essential to understand that attempting such a feat could be unsafe and could result in injury or worse. We highly advise that you prioritize safety and take caution when riding, regardless of the bike you choose.


If you are in the market for a mountain e-bike that offers exceptional performance without breaking the bank, look no further than the Kingbull Rover. This electric bike combines a powerful battery capacity and motor to provide outstanding performance on your adventures. With the Kingbull Rover as your trusted companion, you can confidently explore the world and enjoy an unmatched riding experience that will leave you awe-inspired.