Our Story

With a decade of expertise in bicycle manufacturing, Kingbull is a visionary brand.

dedicated to creating environmentally friendly, safe, stylish, and affordable e-bikes.

Combining cutting-edge design and eco-friendly innovation, we courageously embrace our responsibility for a superior riding experience.


Bicycle Manufacturer


Ebike Manufacturer




  • Offering an eco-friendly, beautiful, and convenient lifestyle for a wider audience


  • Offer eco-friendly, The most cost-effective electric bicycles for sustainable commuting
  • Social responsibility and positive social impact

Next stage goal

Kingbull is a global brand, with branches and customers in North America, and Europe. In the next phase, we aim to serve over 1 million cyclists in 30+ countries around the world.

Keep Loving Life

Electric bicycles are more than just riding, they symbolize a new way of life. This lifestyle symbolizes fashion, environmental protection and convenience, keep loving it and stay with Kingbull.

Explore more

Adventure, exploration, and off-road riding are a perfect match. The joy of off-road riding goes beyond just the thrill of the ride itself; it also fosters a spirit of exploration as you encounter new people, places, and landscapes. Exploration opens up new horizons and allows you to discover that we are not just exploring new terrain, but also endless possibilities. It's a mindset that extends beyond the riding experience and into all aspects of life. By constantly seeking out new experiences, we can uncover what truly speaks to our souls.

Company Information

Kingbull Technology, INC.

5101 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 8 Los Angeles, CA 90029