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City Electric Bike

City Electric Bike are mainly used for commuting and daily use, and people pay more attention to its cost-effectiveness.

Kingbull Discover is undoubtedly the leader in city electric bikes. The wide 26-inch fat tires and hydraulic brakes provide better safety and comfort when riding on urban roads. The maximum range is up to 60 miles, which meets your riding needs in daily life.

All-Terrain Electric Bike

The Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike can help you conquer any road-contion. From forests to beaches to lush meadows and rugged mountain trails, you'll be able to ride without a hitch.

The Kingbull Rover is designed for riding in the wild, with 26" CST puncture-proof tires to provide the best support in any complex terrain. The 840Wh battery capacity and 750W motor ensure strong climbing ability and a maximum range of up to 60 miles. And Rover's full shock system provides the best riding experience.

Folding Electric Bike

Folding e-bike is perfect for commuting and outdoor fun. Just performing simple folding steps, you can put it in your car or office corner.

The Kingbull LiteRider is, as its name suggests, lightweight, convenient and easy to carry. Powered by a 720Wh battery and 750W motor for a maximum range of up to 50 miles, Literider is a frontrunner in urban commuter e-bikes. The most important is the Hydraulic disc brakes and 20" fat tires which always keep you safe. The hydraulic front suspension provides the most comfortable riding with 80mm travel.

Electric Cargo Bike

Cargo e-bikes are becoming more popular, and states in the US have additional subsidies for purchasing electric cargo bikes.

Kingbull Voyager is designed for carrying everything, from cargo to thoese you love. With a payload capacity of 440lbs, the Voyager allows you to carry more cargo, and the 840Wh battery capacity and 750W motor make transporting easier. Ready to spend your weekend as you wish, the Voyager can accompany your family for a perfect holiday life.


All bikes are already 85%+ assembled.

You don't need any papers.

All bikes are class 3, and you can adjust them to class 2 manually.

Powered by 750W motor typically with a peak 1000W+, Up to 1300W.

Hydraulic brakes provide more braking power than traditional brakes for a safer riding.

None. Ride it just like a bike, but a helmet will help you safe.

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