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Pretty light weight

It is much more lightweights than my expectation. I can easy to move it. It is also pretty easy to install, my husband took half an hour to install. The speed is also easy to control when you taking a ride. Definitely will recommend it to my friends.

Very good quality

I bought this item for my daughter.this bike has very good quality and it looks very cool. My daughter loves it. I can ride it for at least 40 miles without any problem. It is easy to install. Instruction is very clear and easy to understand. It is not light and it is very durable. I like it’s back rack that I can put my bag on.overall I like it!


I received a very large and heavy package. Fortunately it's easy to install. I purposely used it for a week before commenting. This e-bike is very stable and it makes me feel safe. I especially like the mode where you can ride by yourself when you turn it on. This saves power and requires less effort.

Good bike for everyday

This bike was extremely easy to assemble. It only took like 25 minutes to put everything together. The instructions were really clear and simple. The bikes battery lasts a long time and you can remove the battery which is very convenient. The bike has lights in the front and when you stop the bike, the lights in the back will shine. If you think that this bike might be too big, it is foldable so it can fit into small places. Overall this bike is good and awesome

Great build quality and foldable

Let me just say wow! I got this for my daughter but after I put it together I realized this is also usable for an adult like myself. I love that it's foldable to throw in a trunk to take to the park but also the safety and strength wasn't sacrificed to do this. it actually feels very robust for its size but not to heavy. Really easy to fold once you do it a few times. Battery is removable and unlocking the battery which makes it convenient to charge. the handle Bars and seat have adjustments to fit different size riders. Nice bright front and rear lights and display to give you info on battery status. Motor is powerful enough for a rider like me (200lbs)to cruise around. Great bike for the family!

A perfect e-bike

The bike arrived with all of the tools and hardware needed. Instructions were straightforward and easy to follow.

Once assembled, I took the bike out for a test ride and it performed great! I like that it includes a headlight and tail light for extra safety.

Definitely recommend this e-bike!

Great gift to my 17 year old son!

I bought this E bike for my 17 year old son for his present. I am not a bike person and this is actually our first e bike in the family. We have a couple of normal bikes but not used much. We have a bike wagon for my younger one but it is so difficult to ride it uphill with a normal bike. That is why I bought this e bike with a thinking to use it for the wagon LOL.

Assemble: it is pretty smooth. A quick tip: I would suggest to read through the user manual before the assemble process.
Quality and performance: good quality bike, a little heavier than a normal bike but I can lift it up with no problem. It runs very smoothly and fast, make sure wear a helmet. It makes uphill so easy and make a bike ride much more enjoyable.

Riding with a wagon, no pressure at all. I need to keep reminding my older son to slow down and need to remind him that it is about time to go home which it has been the total opposite while we ride with normal bikes LOL. I am happy with this bike. My son is happier.

Convenient and Safe!

This bike is amazing! It is portable, easy to ride, and fast charging. After trying many electric bikes and scooters, this bike has been the most convenient thing to get me to work. It fold down really small, so it's super convenient to take around. The front/back lights also make it very safe to ride at night. Great Product! Would definitely recommend!

Exceptional Quality and Unbeatable Performance!

I recently purchased this electric bike from Kingbull and I am absolutely thrilled with my decision. This bike has exceeded all my expectations and has brought me immense joy in my daily commutes.

The assembly process was smooth and straightforward thanks to the detailed instructions provided. I was up and running in no time! The design is sleek, modern, and the bike itself is extremely sturdy - definitely built to last.

The ride quality is truly amazing. The motor is surprisingly powerful and quiet, making my rides smooth and enjoyable. I am especially impressed with the battery life. Charges quickly, ensuring I am always ready for my next ride.

This bike has proved to be incredibly efficient for my daily commutes, saving me a significant amount on fuel costs. It's also great for leisurely rides around the park.

A very good product

I bought this bike because it offers so many features for such a low price. That’s called value. The bike arrived on time and the assembly was simple with the user guide in hand and the required tools enclosed.

I absolutely love this bike. I have an injury to my ankle and it is difficult for me to exercise but now that I have my bike, I can ride without any pain. I love the way it looks, it’s very sporty and I really like the removable battery built into the frame. The power is incredible, it will exceed 28 mph in the highest mode. It was delivered fast , had all the parts , installed easily, and rides great ! It is my 1st E-Bike and now I'm hooked on ebikes. I think it is worth the money for what you get.

Built well

I bought this for my wife. Wasn't a whole lot to put together, and pretty self explanatory.
As far as the bike bike goes, it runs well and I really like how the battery is hidden. Most wires are hidden also.

We haven't taken it on long trips yet, but the few short ones we have, it performs as expected.

Overall wife loves and and we are excited to take long trips this spring and summer.

Reliable bike

The bike was easy to assemble, there are great videos online and the instructions are clear and it took about a half by myself. It rides very smooth I take it 8.5 miles to work every day. Charges in about 5 hours and can go about 48-50 miles distance. Hits the advertised 28 mph at full charge on flat conditions. You practically never have to pedal but if your bike were to die it also pedals the same as a normal bike with the power off so you wouldn’t be stranded. The folding works wonderful it has fit into every car I’ve needed to put it in so far. The lights are bright and effective. The bike itself feels sturdy and well made. The bike is able to ride in grass with ease making it able to go almost anywhere, just avoid large gravel patches at high speeds. Other than needing to store it inside and not riding it the rain as per the manual’s suggestions I have no complaints about this bike and am considering buying a newer model for the longer range and the basket.

My first e-bike, AND I'M LOVING IT!!!!

Can I say, awesome awesome choice for an E-bike if this is your first time. Man, this bike is amazing! Had a great ride with it my first time, I was stunned at how fast this thing can go. The speed almost reminds me of a motorcycle. I'm just thankful my county lets me ride on the trail.

Overall, im floored over this bike. I'm just a little upset about if I'll ever get to riding my other bikes. The fun this bike can give you is addictive. So, to sum up, this is a great choice for an introductory ebike.

Unbelievably high quality

At this price, I got was more than a surprise. This thing is packed unbelievably well. The welds are super high-quality. The tools they give you are also super high-quality. There is absolutely nothing about this bike that isn’t very high-quality. As soon as you start peddling, depending on the setting, it will assist and you can actually save the battery life a great deal simply by doing a little bit of the peddling. My first full battery got me about 48 Miles and that was with very little assistance on my end.

Customer Service is great 👍

I'm totally in love with this bike. So well built, great ride, speed, comfort! Was really easy to put together. 😊 If you want an electric bike, buy this bike! Definitely will buy this brand bike again and 5 star rating on customer service.

Great Feature, Awesome Bike.....

Absolutely awesome ebike, I've had an electric bike in the past, but wanted to get a foldable ebike for easy storage. This one I could put in my car too. Weight about 70 lbs. I love the folding capability and battery is hidden in the very large cross member. The display is big and all the information I need show on the display and the ride is very comfortable. It arrives in a solid box and does turn heads when you are out.


Well this is my first ebike, Lets just say I am very happy with this bike. Shipping was very fast. Putting it together was not hard. I watched a video and read instructions as i got it together. Took me about an hour. Now about the bike riding. I have only put 50 miles on bike. Bike has no problem going up hill on full electric. I love how you can use assist 1 and pedal up hills very easy. The display is very easy to read while riding. I have nothing negative to say about this ebike.

This is amazing

Im a 6 ft 4 in man and This bike is amazing I really don't know much about there compilation but this completely changed my life went from a hour walk to work at night and in the morning to a 15 minute ride. I wake up every time wanting to ride this bike and I'm a lazy dude it's absolutely fun just to rip around my town. It took me not even 30 mins to put it together.

Good bike and supportive team

This bike is all good for city rides and trails rides. Team is quite supportive i got an issue and they help throughout. thanks very much!

Great E-bike for commuting

I'm living in suburbs where a walk to work or the nearest shops would be 30-40 minutes. There's also a small city about 7-10 miles away that friends like to visit. I don't have a car here, so I wanted a means of transport faster than walking and more reliable/flexible than public transit. I now use it for my daily commute (~10mi there and back) and getting into town. This is exactly what I was hoping for when I got an e-bike! It's incredibly fun and fast, I can put as much effort in as I do/don't want to, and the flexibility of charging the battery wherever is great. Definitely recommend to anyone in the same boat as me who regularly have distances that are too long to walk but short enough that public transit (or driving) is silly. Wish I had one of these while I was in college!!

Great so far

I don't usually write reviews unless it is deserving, positive or negative. So far this is a good E-Bike. We bought two of them one the wife and one for me.

Right after assembly we took them out on a 10 mile ride on pavement and off road. The bikes handled well on pavement and did pretty well off road, I even took some 10"-15" jumps and the rear suspension did rather well. We like that the battery slide into the frame. It give the bike a clean look. We don't really like the ones that are on the outside, they are sort of an eye sore. So, Kingbull are very nice!

Overall this is a good E-Bike so far for the first 175miles,
+ Fairly easy to assemble.
+ Good Value
+ Seems to be fairly sturdy
+ battery is mounted inside the frame and removeable.
+ Hydraulic disc brakes
+ Battery lasts at least 60 miles
+ PAS works great
+ Tires are OK for our riding style

A great budget electric bike!

I am 5’11 180 lbs. the seat is adjustable and fit me fine. I go grocery shopping with it, I've ridden it on all kinds of terrain, and taken it on far distance city to city trips. It holds up great in most weather here in CA so far. I would not leave it sitting outside in the rain or snow though. The dual battery is strong, and setup was quicker than expected. As I am getting older the hills are tougher, but this motor keeps me riding. The battery is removable, which can help with transport. With these thick tires you won’t be afraid to take it on dirt roads. I have gotten about 70 miles no problem, and I just charge it in my garage overnight. (Supposed to take around 5 hours. There are 7 speeds, but I pretty much manually bike as much as possible until I need the help. FASTER if you pedal with it… There is a 2-year guarantee. My experience with the Voyager ebike has been AWESOME! Make sure you get a bike lock, and a phone holder is great.

I also bought the front and rear baskets from the store. They fit perfectly. There was a little issue during the installation of the front basket, but I reached out to customer service, and they patiently helped me resolve the problem!

Love it!!!!

I ordered the orange dual-battery electric bike, and along with it, I added the front and rear baskets. These two baskets enhance the overall look of my bike, making it even more perfect. However, there seemed to be some assembly issues when I initially received the baskets, but it's okay. Later on, I contacted customer service, and they guided me through the proper installation. Now, the overall effect is very satisfying. My wife often rides it to go grocery shopping,lol

Working great for me!

This bike is Amazing!

I recently had a job change where riding a bike would be more convenient than driving to work. After some research and considering several different options, I decided on the Rover e-bike.

This bike has not disappointed. Bike shipped super fast. There were a couple of spots on the box that were damaged, but the bike was perfect condition when opened. The bike was 1/3 of the way assembled. The remainder of the assembly was very straight forward and easy due to the very clear step by step directions in the owner's manual and supplied tools. Once assembled, the bike took about 5 hours for the initial battery charge.

I was a little worried about the ebike sive to purchase. I am a 5'9 male, However, upon receiving the product and taking it for a ride, I found it to be a perfect fit. The sizing turned out to be just right for me.

The best bike!

Best bike ever had super fast and smooth 👍😀