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Awesome Bikes

So far I love the bike it's better than what I expected and more. The bikes are very solid.

Solida e affidabile

After almost 1 month or so of use I can say that I am very happy with it. The bike is perfect for the country roads where I live, it takes me up very steep hills and the battery life is very good. I mainly use it to get to work, about 15 kilometers from home, and I can replace an old car with an e-bike.

Great buy

The package arrived missing a front wheel nut. I contacted the seller and they sent me one.
The bike is great and I've been able to ride about 10 miles every morning.
There are some free accessories that are shipped separately and will come later than the e-bike so there is no way for me to install all the accessories and use the bike the first time I receive it.

Better than I thought

I was so impressed with the one I bought, I bought another one for my wife.

Came undamaged and packed well.

Was easy to assembly. Took about an hour, and they provide you with all the tools. Would be nice to have a little tool bag to keep them in with the bike.

No cheap stuff - everything seems well made with quality material.

Motor is more than powerful enough and it is very intuitive to use. I use the pedal assist and it works well. It does a little too much work for my liking and not sure how to turn it down.

So far have not done a long enough ride to were down the batteries.

I'm trying to get the app to work because I thought I could adjust the speed limit for the ride through the app, but so far haven't figured it out.

Customer service was excellent, I thought there was an accessory missing, but later I found out it was shipped separately.

Good Value

First Impression Review.
Bike arrived at the door in good condition, packed securely, FedEx did a great job. Assembly was fairly easy, follow the instructions provided in the manual step by step, do not follow the assembly instructions in the video. This bike is a great value for the money, it has hydraulic disc brakes, 750 watt brushless motor, 17.5 amp battery, 3 amp charger, aluminum frame, 26 inch tire design, and great attention to detail, this is a great choice if you are looking for a progressive bike.
BTW: This one e-bike with great traction can climb hills of 15 to 20°!

ebike great

1. My first e-bike, although it's still a long way from my first bike. The assembly of the e-bike was more involved than I expected, but nothing was too difficult and it took a little over an hour in total. It was fully charged at the time of assembly. The charging itself was easy. In fact, the bike reminded me of a motorcycle with turn signals and hydraulic brakes. Power is applied via pedal assist or left thumb, which I actually found to be quite natural, despite the fact that I've been riding motorcycles with twist grip throttles for years.

2. the instruction manual was specific enough that I could find the solution to my confusion on it again, and it was nice that assembly videos were easily found on the website.

3. assembled and adjusted, this bike is amazing. It's lighter than many e-bikes, but much heavier than a traditional English bike. It's sturdy and has a strong back. It took me about ten minutes in the driveway to get used to the power assist feature.

4. the bike has sturdy tires and a very good chainstay system that integrates perfectly with the power assist feature.

5. the battery life is long enough to run my errands around town. If you have a longer commute or want to cross the country overnight, you may need a larger battery.

All in all, I'm impressed and highly recommend.

Great bike!

Received the bike a couple of days ago. Easy to put together and very sturdy. Only put on 50 miles so far but the battery life is amazing. Great customer support. I do wish there were operating instructions sent for odometer etc but it was easy enough to sort out after watching a few you tube videos.

bike lived up to my expectations

I’ve ridden my Discover ST Titan e-bike almost 150 miles so far. Plenty rides to know this is one great e-bike. Just as promised, the battery goes a very long way without any lags in power. Pedal Assist 1 will easily go 15-16mph. When I’m on a long straightaway, in PA 5 , it easily goes 28mph. I only went that fast to see if the bike would do it which it does. My husband has an electric bike from a different manufacturer. His is more expensive than mine, but I think mine is better. Frankly, my e-bike is more powerful and stable.You might want to invest in a more comfy seat but that’s the only thing I would do differently with this bike. Excellent product and excellent value.

it has it all... & then some

I highly recommend it. I did a lot of research before deciding and this bike had everything I wanted. The powerful 750-watt motor makes it capable of driving up hills. It comes with a gadget kit and a high-quality charger to make work easy. It has a place to carry passengers or extra items. It has a weight capacity of up to 400 pounds. The controls are clearly laid out and easy to read. It also comes with adjustable suspension on the forks, and I bought leather saddles to soften the ride. The lighting is nice and bright, making it easy to see and be seen. The tires are wide and provide plenty of traction for both on- and off-road use. Hydraulic disc brakes bring it to an instant stop. The 180mm disc is so cool. Its pedals fold away when stored but can still be used like a real bike. It folds easily into a nice little package for storage and transportation. I plan on taking it on a road trip with friends.

Great Bike So Far

this bike is very well built and fun to ride. I got mine this last December. It's a beast. Very heavy. But also very powerful. I took it out for it's first hard test this summer. Very steep logging road. I'm close to 250, and I was very impressed. Sat on seat peddling like I was on level road. Even was able to coast a little. It was cool. Coasting uphill👍

Fast delivery great bike and cooperative customer services.

All good. Thank you Kingbull. Great fast service. Love our purchase! No car, ebike guy. I've had several others but love this bike. I'm 6'5" 260 so I invested in extended seatpost.

My new awesome ebike

Assembly was easy and as expected for an ebike. Everything worked great on the first ride, gears shifted good, Bought another for my wife. Kngbull is focused on the customer experience and my expereince through two purchases was excellent.

Longer rides-beefy tires-great accessories

Like the whole look of the bike- tires, battery life, accessories

great bike

As others have written, I did a fair amount of research for my first ebike and this one had good reviews and all the features I was looking for. It came neatly packed and mostly assembled, and putting the rest together was easy (just watch the video first). It has good speed when you want to use the pedal assist and easy to use as a regular bike when you don't. I think it looks nice, feels sturdy and is a very smooth ride. I've only used it a couple times, so if my opinion changes, I will update this review, but so far I highly recommend.

Front baskets no come

The front baskets no come

Thank you for your feedback on our product. We apologize for any confusion regarding the front basket.

Please note that the front basket for our electric bike is an optional accessory that needs to be purchased separately. It is not included as a complimentary item with the bike.

Thank you for your understanding.


Kingbull Large Rear Basket

Kingbull Large Rear Basket

Its got power

Fun bike! Good on mellow dirt trails, rocky and jump trails not so much, the crankcase is too low. It is a great bike tho.

Great bike, lots of fun.

This Kingbull Lite Rider is just what I was looking for. Being 5’2”, this bike fits perfectly, toes touch the ground while seated. Couldn’t believe the speed it has. And it’s a sharp looking bike.

So happy with this ebike!

This bike is amazing! It took me a bit of time to get used to its size and weight, but once I got the hang of shifting gears and turning, it was a blast to ride! I've ridden it all over the city, and I love its four-link structure that allows me to strap on my backpack and other items. It's a great purchase. The only downside is that the accessories will arrive a few days later than the e-bike itself.

Riding is fun

After receiving the e-bike and carefully reading the assembly instructions, I was able to complete the assembly without any problems. One thing stood out in the instructions that my wife and I are laughing about now. The instructions said to keep the cardboard box for 15 days in case of a return. After my first ride, I walked into the house sweaty and smiling and told her to throw the cardboard box away because I wasn't going to return the bike! I'm 76 years old and stopped riding my bike because the hills where I live were too difficult. The Literider e-bike has given me the ability to get over those hills and now I can enjoy the outdoors and biking again.

My only transportation so I hope it's durable

The box must have been damaged during shipping because it had bent brackets and scratches inside. I contacted the website's customer service, and they responded quickly, promising to send me a replacement rear rack. Despite this issue, I really like the bike. I've already ridden about 10 miles on it. I plan to use it regularly for commuting to work, five days a week, covering 2 to 10 miles each trip, so I'll definitely find out how durable it is. The assembly was also quite easy.

Very quick bike

When first hopped on the bike this thing took off. I can easily get up to 28mph. Also I love how this bike looks it has a strong frame and it comes with a back rack. This bike has a lot value for the price I would definitely consider this bike to anyone.

Great value for what you get

I purchased the orange Voyager. gosh it was so much fun! I just drove it around town. I had so much fun with it. I did get it up to 28 mph. I am 6'4” tall and weigh 200 lbs. In “PAS 5” mode, with or without pedal assist, it averaged 25 mph. My city is hilly and windy. The battery is very good and lasts for hours. I would love to strap a spare battery to my bike so I can ride all day. I saw the spare on the website matching the battery too and I'll put him in my cart. I'm happy to pay I'm very happy with my purchase.

So much fun !!!

I really like my bike, it's a lot of fun to ride !!!! I got a front basket for things to take on the go, the seat in the back is very comfortable, and my son is comfortable sitting behind me. it's been fun for hours The quality is great, no problems, and honestly, it's a lot of fun! Takes a little time to get used to the speed, I don't usually drive at full speed and like to pedal a little, but it's great for adventures.

Great pedal assist hybrid

This is a great pedal assist hybrid bike! It has a comfortable seat, disc brakes, suspension, fenders and lights. We were very impressed with this rover bike! The complimentary accessories were just what we needed as well, which saved us a fortune!