Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Cargo Electric Bike Voyager
Geared Hub Motor 750W
Lithium Ion Battery 17.5Ah
Range Up To 60 Miles
Top Speed 28 MPH
Payload Capacity 440lb
CST Tires 20"X4.0"
2-Year Warranty Cover all bike purchases
Pass Test Pass the test with UL 2849
Free Accessories Included
Rear Basket FREE $99.00
Rear Footrest Pegs FREE $39.00
Rear Rack Wooden Cushion FREE $49.00
Rearview Mirror FREE $39.00
Bungee Cord FREE $19.00

Cargo Electric Bike Voyager

UL 2849 Satety Certified,440 lbs Max Load, Step-thru

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Free Accessories Included
Rear Basket FREE $99.00
Rear Footrest Pegs FREE $39.00
Rear Rack Wooden Cushion FREE $49.00
Rearview Mirror FREE $39.00
Bungee Cord FREE $19.00
2 Year Warranty
Free Shipping
15-Day Returns

Cargo Electric Bike Voyager

Size & Fit

A —— Total Length 69in

B —— Total Height 48in

C —— Wheelbase 48in

D —— Minimum Seat Height 33in

E —— Maximum Seat Height 41in

F —— Chain Stay Length 124L

G —— Down Tube Length 22in

H —— Top Tube Length 22in

I —— Wheel Diameter 22in

J —— Head Tube Length 7.9in

K —— Handlebar Length 11in

L —— Rear Rack Height 29.5in

Technical Specifications

Model: Kingbull Voyager

Ideal Use:Commuting, cargo

Motor: 1300W (peak),750W (Sustained), 48V

Throttle: Thumb Throttle

Display: Color LCD Screen With USB Charging

Top Speed: 28 MPH

Range: Up to 60 miles 

Battery: Removable Lithium-ion 48V, 17.5Ah

Charger: 48V 3 Amp Fast Charger

Sensor: Cadence

Pedal Assist: 5 Levels

Pedals: 9/16" Alloy Platform

Fork: Hydraulic Fork With 80mm Travel

Frame: 6061 Aluminum Alloy with Internal Battery

Tires: 20" x 4.0" CST City Tires

Crankset: 170mm w/ 48T

Rear Derailleur: Shimano 7 speed

Brakes: Hydraulic

Chain: 124Link

Seat Post: Aluminum alloy, dimensions of Ø33.9*350mm, equipped with a clamp and scale.

Handlebars: Aluminum 31.8mm, 700mm

Weight: 77lbs

Payload Capacity: 440lbs

Frame Style: Step Thru

Kickstand:Included, rear/mid mount

Cassette:14-28T, 7Speed

Shift Lever:7 Speed Trigger

Spokes:One wheel

Tubes:Butyl Rubber, Schrader Valve


Grips:Ergonomic Comfort

Saddle:Kingbull Saddle


Rear Rack:Included



Recommended Height: 5'1" - 6'5"


Technical Overview

Explore the remarkable performance of the Voyager cargo electric bike with a robust 750W motor, paired with a substantial 17.5Ah battery for extended rides. Achieving speeds of up to 28mph and boasting an impressive range of 60 miles, the Voyager ensures a thrilling and efficient commute. With a solid construction weighing 77lbs, it supports a substantial payload capacity of 440lbs, coupled with a rear rack weight limit of 180lbs, making it an ideal companion for cargo hauling. The inclusion of a speed sensor and a responsive thumb throttle adds precision and versatility to your riding experience, providing both electric assistance and dynamic control. Elevate your journey with the Voyager's powerful features, promising a seamless blend of speed, endurance, and cargo capacity.

Geared Hub Motor 750W
Lithium Ion Battery 17.5Ah
Range Up To 60 Miles
Top Speed 28 MPH
Payload Capacity 440lb
CST Tires 20"X4.0"
2-Year Warranty Cover all bike purchases
Pass Test Pass the test with UL 2849
"Carrying capacity is important, but environmental protection is more important. With its dual-battery design and 100-mile range on a single charge, Kingbull, a bicycle manufacturing giant, showed enough social commitment when it released its first cargo globally."
"The Voyager stands out for its very efficient design and colors along the line. It combines cargo capacity with additional accessories to make it a versatile e-bike."
"Always at the forefront of the e-bike industry's wave of innovation, Kingbull has released the Voyager, a dual-battery cargo model with fat tires, and a T.I.G welded frame. The orange color looks super eye-catching!"
"You can put a checkmark next to each of the three key attributes of utility, durability, and comfort. It's a standard-bearer for the cargo/commuter class of e-bikes and more than a utilitarian mule - it's a category-defying steed."

Ebikes Built to Handle Your Everyday

Exceptionally Sturdy

The Voyager features an upgraded 6061 aluminum alloy frame, making it more robust and durable than regular bicycles. Its integrated structure enables a high load capacity of up to 440 pounds, with a rear cargo capacity of 180 pounds, making it ideal for carrying a wide range of items, from adventure gear to household goods.

440 lbs



Aluminum Alloy

77 lbs


Powerful Motor

The Voyager’s motor uses an updated 750W Upgraded Brushless Geared Hub Motor and specialized inner ring, which enables high-temperature resistance and better heat dissipation. This inner ring reduces the motor magnets’ attenuation speed, which guarantees longer life expectancy for the motor, meaning your Kingbull Voyager will outlast the competition where it matters most—the power system.


Motor Power


Max Motor Torque

Enhanced Battery Safety Design

840WH high-capacity lithium-ion battery is built into the frame, with a maximum range of over 60 miles. Aluminum alloy battery case, better heat dissipation, built-in battery design, more waterproof and more beautiful. Battery box + frame tube, double aluminum alloy protection, explosion-proof and fire-proof for more safety.

60 Miles

Range Up To



Conquer Any Terrain

Newly upgraded one-piece wheels are like vehicle wheels, stronger than spoked wheels, and the 20”X4.0“ CST fat tires make it easy to ride on city roads, in the snow, and at the beach.

Get On/Off Easily

The step-through frame offers riders of different ages and abilities a more convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable cycling experience.

Versatile Design

Voyage is your integrated transport solution, customizable with multiple accessories to meet all your transportation needs. Whether carrying cargo or enjoying a pleasant ride with loved ones, it enhances your cycling experience by providing the right gear for every occasion.

2*840Wh for 100 Miles and More Cargo Capacity

Voyager excels in durability and performance, meeting strict UL 2849 standards. The dual-battery version, featuring two powerful 17.5Ah lithium batteries, doubles the range for a carefree 100-mile journey on a single charge. This unmatched range experience offers cyclists unprecedented convenience, making it an ideal choice for outstanding performance and hassle-free travel.

Left Handle
LCD Display
Right Handle
Left Handle

Thumb Throttle

Switch / Toggle


Auxiliary Pedal

LCD Display

The Backlit LCD display provides information on speed, mileage, power, etc.

USB Charging

State of Riding

Cycling Data

Fault Warning

Function Set

Right Handle

Shimano gearbox


Powerful Flexibility

The seat height of the Kingbull Voyager is adjustable from 37 inches to 41 inches, accommodating riders of different heights. Paired with a sturdy integrated frame, it can withstand greater weight and pressure, making it particularly friendly for taller and stronger individuals.

440 lbs

Payload Capacity

5'1" - 6'5"

Height Recommend

What’s in the Box
Body Assembly
CTS Tires
Battery & Charger
LCD Display
Rearview Mirror
Bungee Cord
Rear Rack Wooden Cushion
Rear Footrest Pegs
Rear Basket
Product Manuals
Repair Tool Kit
Distance Range

New Bike, New Questions

It's 400lbs with 180lbs for rear rack.

The recommended height is 5"1 or higher.

You can check our Compare Models in the menu for the differential of our Ebike.

Just like the single battery version, keep all batteries stay in the bike for charging.

Strongly recommend you read our E-BIKE USER MANUAL for your safety.

No, you don’t need a license for riding Ebike.

Customer Reviews

Based on 191 reviews
ebike great

1. My first e-bike, although it's still a long way from my first bike. The assembly of the e-bike was more involved than I expected, but nothing was too difficult and it took a little over an hour in total. It was fully charged at the time of assembly. The charging itself was easy. In fact, the bike reminded me of a motorcycle with turn signals and hydraulic brakes. Power is applied via pedal assist or left thumb, which I actually found to be quite natural, despite the fact that I've been riding motorcycles with twist grip throttles for years.

2. the instruction manual was specific enough that I could find the solution to my confusion on it again, and it was nice that assembly videos were easily found on the website.

3. assembled and adjusted, this bike is amazing. It's lighter than many e-bikes, but much heavier than a traditional English bike. It's sturdy and has a strong back. It took me about ten minutes in the driveway to get used to the power assist feature.

4. the bike has sturdy tires and a very good chainstay system that integrates perfectly with the power assist feature.

5. the battery life is long enough to run my errands around town. If you have a longer commute or want to cross the country overnight, you may need a larger battery.

All in all, I'm impressed and highly recommend.

great bike

As others have written, I did a fair amount of research for my first ebike and this one had good reviews and all the features I was looking for. It came neatly packed and mostly assembled, and putting the rest together was easy (just watch the video first). It has good speed when you want to use the pedal assist and easy to use as a regular bike when you don't. I think it looks nice, feels sturdy and is a very smooth ride. I've only used it a couple times, so if my opinion changes, I will update this review, but so far I highly recommend.

Salem Ochoa
Great value for what you get

I purchased the orange Voyager. gosh it was so much fun! I just drove it around town. I had so much fun with it. I did get it up to 28 mph. I am 6'4” tall and weigh 200 lbs. In “PAS 5” mode, with or without pedal assist, it averaged 25 mph. My city is hilly and windy. The battery is very good and lasts for hours. I would love to strap a spare battery to my bike so I can ride all day. I saw the spare on the website matching the battery too and I'll put him in my cart. I'm happy to pay I'm very happy with my purchase.

Royce Torres
So much fun !!!

I really like my bike, it's a lot of fun to ride !!!! I got a front basket for things to take on the go, the seat in the back is very comfortable, and my son is comfortable sitting behind me. it's been fun for hours The quality is great, no problems, and honestly, it's a lot of fun! Takes a little time to get used to the speed, I don't usually drive at full speed and like to pedal a little, but it's great for adventures.

This thing is a tank

We've had it for a few days now. Several test rides latter, I am pleased to say that they have exceeded my expectations. These are built like tanks, fit, finish, quality of welds are excellent. I do have a couple of wide a$$ seats on order, not that there is anything wrong with originals, just a why not be comfortable old folks thing. Did research for a couple of months prior to buying, no regrets, would recommend to family and friends. Just the extra spare battery also gave me a good price.