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"Always at the forefront of the e-bike industry's wave of innovation, Kingbull has released the Voyager, a dual-battery cargo model with fat tires, and a T.I.G welded frame. The orange color looks super eye-catching!"
"Carrying capacity is important, but environmental protection is more important. With its dual-battery design and 100-mile range on a single charge, Kingbull, a bicycle manufacturing giant, showed enough social commitment when it released its first cargo globally."
"The Voyager stands out for its very efficient design and colors along the line. It combines cargo capacity with additional accessories to make it a versatile e-bike."
"KINGBULL Voyager is a fat tire e-bike that balances practicality, the latest technology, and cost-effectiveness, not to mention the innovative uni-body frame, one-piece wheels, and dual batteries that enhance its range and cargo capacity, with greatly increased usability."
"You can put a checkmark next to each of the three key attributes of utility, durability, and comfort. It's a standard-bearer for the cargo/commuter class of e-bikes and more than a utilitarian mule - it's a category-defying steed."