Detailed Review of Literider Folding Ebike from ELECTRIC-BIKE

Detailed Review of Literider Folding Ebike from ELECTRIC-BIKE

The Kingbull Literider folding electric bike promises easy storage and transportation without sacrificing performance. As one of the most affordable folding e-bikes available, it could be the perfect city commuter or travel companion.

This review will evaluate whether the Literider lives up to expectations. We'll examine its build quality, folding mechanism, comfort and components. The 750W rear geared hub motor and powerful battery setup provide good power for the price, but how does it handle more demanding terrain?

Usability is key for a folding bike, so we will test how quick and easy it is to collapse and unfold and see if it fits in small spaces like car trunks or public transportation. Overall convenience must be balanced with on-road performance factors like speed, range and brake capability in urban riding.

By road testing the Kingbull Literider, we aim to determine if it offers a reliable option for short-distance trips around town or longer journeys when folded for transport.


The Kingbull Literider arrives 85% assembled with the major components installed, which makes setup quick and easy. The fender, seat, pedals, and headlight simply needed attaching following the clear step-by-step instructions. Basic tools like an Allen wrench set and screwdriver were included in the multitool kit.

With two people, we had the Literider fully built in half an hour. The manual made the process straightforward, clearly showing where each part went. The front fork just slid in and was secured by a bolt. Shorter components like the pedals were a breeze. Only minor adjustments were later needed to brake and gear cables.

The easy assembly straight from the box means the Literider is ride-ready fast. No additional tools or expertise are required. This makes it a great option for those wanting an affordable pre-assembled folding electric bike.


  • Folds down compactly in seconds for easy storage and transport via car trunk or public transportation.
  • Dual lithium battery setup provides a high capacity for ranges up to 50 miles per charge.
  • Well-padded spring seat is cushioned for comfortable long rides around town.
  • Very reasonable cost for a folding e-bike, making it viable for both commute and leisure use.
  • Include front LED and tail lights, fenders, rear rack, and other extras for all-weather, low-maintenance riding.
  • 750W rear hub motor provides ample power for cruising or assisting up hills with minimal lag time.


  • At roughly 73 pounds, it requires some strength to carry when folded. This could be inconvenient on public transportation.
  • Only 7 speeds may not be low enough gearing for heavily hilly areas or assisted rides at higher speeds.

Kingbull Literider Electric Components


The battery system is one of the Literider's strongest features. It utilizes a dual 48V 15Ah battery setup, providing a sizable combined capacity. This massive power storage allows the bike to travel great distances on a single charge.

During my testing, I found the range claims to be accurate. On eco mode with some pedal assistance, I routinely covered over 50 miles before the battery was depleted. Even pushing the bike to its maximum 28 mph top speed, I still saw ranges upwards of 40 miles.

Charging the battery takes around 5 hours using the fast charger. A fuel gauge on the digital display lets me monitor charge levels easily. I appreciate that I can remove the battery for charging inside after long rides.

With such a powerful onboard power supply, I've been able to explore far outside usual local routes. The Literider opens up many more miles of riding enjoyment before recharging is needed. Its massive battery capacity has certainly changed my perception of the practical range of an electric bike.


The Literider is powered by a strong 750W rear hub motor that can output up to 1300W at peak. I was impressed with the zippy acceleration it provided, easily keeping up with traffic around town. Whether taking off from a full stop or accelerating from 10 mph, the motor reacted instantly anytime I applied pressure to the pedals.

Its robust torque allowed me to climb slopes with ease which would have been challenging on a regular bicycle. I even powered up some considerable grades meant for cars in my area with little strain. The bike tracked smoothly and steadily as the motor-assisted.

When cruising on flat routes, I often found myself averaging speeds near the 28 mph limit without any effort beyond pedaling. On one downhill stretch, I even hit the top speed cutoff though I didn't try to exceed it.

After several miles exploring varied terrain over the past month, the motor continues performing flawlessly. It provides consistent, durable assistance that makes longer urban rides and errands a breeze. The motor has far exceeded my expectations for powered performance from a reasonably priced folding e-bike.


The intuitive backlit display is incredibly useful. During my daily commutes, I appreciate being able to see my speed and keep an eye on traffic without having to divert focus from the road. The large digits make the readouts simple to check at a glance.

When riding for longer periods around town or on recreational tours, I refer to the battery gauge frequently to plan my route and stops. Knowing I have over 50% charge left lets me explore without range anxiety.

I've also found the riding modes helpful. Using eco mode allows me to maximize my range while switching to a higher setting gives an extra boost up steep roads. The display clearly shows the setting selected.

I was also grateful for the built-in USB charging port. It's convenient for keeping my phone powered so I can always navigate or call for assistance if needed.

The display has provided all the critical ride data I need to utilize the bike safely and confidently fully. It's a simple but valuable addition to monitoring vital stats while staying focused on the path ahead.

Kingbull Literider Mechanical Components & Accessories


As an electric bike capable of speeds up to 28 mph, strong brakes are crucial for safety. The Literider relies on a hydraulic brake system and the performance has put my mind at ease.

Even when cruising at top speed down a long hill, I was able to come to a safe, smooth stop with just a couple of firm pulls of the brakes. Their stopping power inspired confidence that I could break in time should an unexpected situation arise.

After days of regular use in varied conditions, the brakes have continued to feel responsive. On slick roads during a recent rain, they gripped the rims securely without skidding. Some e-bikes I’ve tested had mushy or slow brakes by comparison.

The consistent braking ability has allowed me to fully utilize the bike's speed without anxiety. I feel in control at higher velocities thanks to the quick, effective brakes. Their reliability is important when riding mainly streets with cars.

Whether heavy braking from 20+ mph or gradual slowing, the brakes have delivered outstanding performance. They are a key factor in why I feel safe exploring the Literider.


I was instantly drawn to the Literider’s sleek white frame and built-in battery design. It has a very clean, minimalist aesthetic that definitely stands out from other ebikes. The Literider features a step-through frame design which allows for smooth and easy mounting and dismounting. This makes it accessible for riders of all heights and abilities, as it eliminates having to straddle or lift a leg over the bicycle when stopping or getting started.

The 6061 aluminum alloy frame feels quite sturdy and well-built. I’ve put it through some rough urban conditions without any issues. It easily supports my weight and has survived numerous bumps and vibrations. As someone weighing 180lbs, the generous 400lb payload capacity means I don't have to hesitate bringing extras like grocery bags or a small child on the back.

Where the frame really shines is its convenient folding function. I’m consistently able to collapse the bike in just 10 seconds, allowing quick storage in tight spaces like the trunk of my compact car. The three-step folding process is simple to execute, even with gloves on.

At 73 pounds, the Literider is a touch heavier than some other folding ebikes when maneuvering it. But the weight hasn’t deterred me from enjoying spontaneous rides or bringing it along on camping trips thanks to the small folded size.

Overall, the rugged yet sleek frame design has proven highly durable and practical for my active lifestyle. I appreciate how it blends performance and portability.


As both a commuting and recreational bike, I appreciated the Literider having front suspension to improve the ride quality. With 80mm of travel, bumps and cracks in the road are softened rather than jarring through my arms and body.

During my daily rides on rougher streets and paths, the suspension makes a noticeable difference in comfort. I've been able to cover longer distances without fatigue setting in from vibration. It also inspires more control at speed on uneven surfaces.

I've tested the suspension on light off-road trails as well, and it soaks up smaller impacts without issue. Larger obstacles are still noticeable, but the front end tracks smoothly. This has allowed me to explore a wider variety of routes.

The suspension performance remains consistent even after extended use. Smaller adjustments to the preload have further optimized how it handles different weights and terrains. Overall, the front suspension was a worthwhile upgrade that enhanced both my rides' functionality and enjoyment.

Drivetrain & Shifting

For an e-bike, I've been impressed with the smooth and reliable gear shifts provided by the 7-speed Shimano drivetrain. Whether taking off from a stop or accelerating, I appreciate having a full range of gear ratios to adjust my pedal assist based on terrain or effort level.

The rear Shimano trigger shifter falls easily under my fingers so I can quickly downshift for climbing. I never have to take my focus entirely off the road. Going uphill, the lower gears let me power through steep stretches with the motor's help without struggling.

Conversely, on flat or downhill sections I make use of the higher gears for cruising at faster speeds. Pedaling feels naturally cadenced at whatever pace I choose.

Combined with the torque-producing motor, the smooth shifting gives me all the functionality of a high-performance geared bicycle but with electric ease. I'm thankful for the versatility.

The 7-speed Shimano system has been a reliable companion whether commuting or enjoying longer recreational journeys.


One thing that immediately stands out on the Literider is the massive 4-inch wide fat tires. At 26x4 inches, they are significantly chunkier than most other urban e-bikes. This provides notable benefits both on and off-road.

On pavement, the fat tires cruise smoothly and absorb vibrations exceptionally well. They inspire confidence in navigating rough city streets and sidewalk cracks. I've also had no issues with flats, maintaining air pressure impressively over long periods.

When exploring more rugged routes, the tires really shine by biting into loose surfaces. Whether gravel trails, hard-packed dirt, or occasional sand, they maintain excellent traction. This has allowed me to broaden my riding territory.

I'm routinely surprised at how capably the Literider can roll over smaller obstacles that would bog down skinnier tires too. The combination of width and low pressure gives it crossover ability beyond a standard e-bike.

Overall, the puncture-resistant fat tires have enriched every aspect of my rides on the Literider. They contribute greatly to why it's become my go-to urban e-bike.

Extras & Accessories

The included accessories are extremely useful. The bright integrated LED headlight is perfect for night rides, illuminating the road up to 30 feet ahead. Combined with the blinker-style rear light, drivers can easily spot me from all angles.

The durable fenders keep me clean during rainy weather by deflecting road spray. They show no signs of rusting after months of riding.

The sturdy rear rack has borne the weight of grocery runs and camping gear without issue. It expands the Literider's cargo capacity considerably.

All the extras felt like thoughtful additions to maximize functionality. They enhance my enjoyment while promoting safety for any conditions or errands. I'm glad they were included straight from the manufacturer.

Kingbull Literider Performance Review

Acceleration & Speed

With its hidden 750W rear hub motor, the Literider has plenty of zip to keep up with traffic while remaining street-legal. I'm consistently impressed by how quickly it accelerates from a dead stop. A solid twist of the throttle has me merging promptly into busy intersections or highways.

The five levels of pedal assistance allow me to fine-tune the motor's output for any terrain or effort level. On eco mode, I barely notice any boost besides below-average cardio. But sport mode kicks in a noticeable surge that lets me cruise at speeds up to 28 mph with minimal exertion.

Climbing hills is a breeze on the higher settings. I never feel frustrated or straining on grades that have challenged other bikes. Descending is a thrill when reaching the top speed cutoff.

Even after thousands of miles, the motor continues firing with its original vigorous response. It delivers consistent, fun power that keeps me motivated to ride more. I have no concerns about keeping up in busy areas thanks to the Literider's potent yet smooth acceleration.

Brake & Brake Testing

As an e-bike capable of speeds up to 28 mph, strong brakes are crucial for safety. When I first received the Literider, one of my top priorities was to thoroughly test the hydraulic disc brake system.

I started by doing several hard brake pulls from 15 mph on a long, empty road. Even in full assisted pedal speed, the brakes brought me to a smooth, controlled stop incredibly quickly with only a light squeeze of the levers. Their stopping power was impressive.

After that, I pushed the bike to its limits by coasting down a steep hill section at top speed before braking hard. Once again, the brakes gripped without hesitation, fading or skidding - providing an ultra-short, secure stop.

Through days of regular use in varied conditions such as rain and dirt roads, the brake performance stayed consistent. A few easy squeezes is all it takes to slow or stop from any speed confidently.

This initial testing gave me the utmost confidence that the Literider's hydraulic disc brakes could be depended on for safety in any situation. Their reliability and effectiveness vastly eases my mind while riding.


At 5'10", finding an e-bike that fits me comfortably can sometimes be a challenge. However, the Literider's extra-large size range has proved to be just right.

The adjustable seatpost allows me to set the saddle height precisely to where I need it for full leg extension. This ergonomic positioning makes pedaling natural and reduces fatigue on long rides.

Even at the maximum 40-inch height, I have plenty of clearance to easily mount the bike in street clothes or hiking gear without feeling cramped. The spacious frame also provides adequate legroom so I never feel bunched up or claustrophobic.

During group rides, I've been surprised how much smaller riders around 5'5" are also able to control the bike confidently with the seat lowered fully. Yet riders up to 6'5" tall report the same secure fit.

The one-size-fits-most design truly makes the Literider accessible and comfortable for a wide diversity of body types. It's an effortless cycling experience no matter your height.


After months of regular use commuting and exploring the Literider, I continue to be impressed by how smoothly and confidently it handles in all situations. The combination of components comes together to provide an exceptionally pleasant riding experience.

Whether zipping around town or tackling more demanding trails, the bike inspires confidence through its precise and responsive steering. The sturdy aluminum frame and front suspension soak up vibrations while providing stable control.

The fat tires offer fantastic traction on pavement and loose surfaces alike. They lend sure-footedness over rough or uneven terrain that would catch thinner tires off guard.

The powerful yet modulated motor gives me plenty of zip when merging or climbing. Yet there is never any feeling of being out of control, even at top speeds, thanks to the phenomenal braking performance.

Long days in the saddle are rarely an issue. Features like the adjustable seat height, suspension fork, and multiple gearing options allow me to maintain a comfortable, low-effort pedaling rhythm.

From efficient commutes in traffic, to weekend wanderings on mixed trails, the Literider handles any challenge with poise and reliability. It effortlessly inspired me to embrace an active lifestyle through its enjoyable riding dynamics and versatility. I can't recommend its smooth handling enough.


The Kingbull Literider electric bicycle demonstrates itself as a versatile and high-quality e-bike. Its folding design, front suspension, fat tires, and powerful 750W motor enable it to handle both urban commuting and off-road exploring with ease.

Its reliable Shimano 7-speed drivetrain and exceptional hydraulic disc brakes provide precise control and stopping power. Additional features like integrated lights, fenders, and rear rack increase functionality.

At $999, the Literider presents practical electric cycling capabilities at an affordable value point compared to other brands offering lesser specs. Its adjustable frame fits riders from 5'1 to 6'5 inches tall, increasing accessibility.

Through testing over thousands of miles, the Literider has proven itself as a durable workhorse capable of serving diverse needs. Riders will appreciate its enjoyable handling dynamics on both paved streets and mixed terrain.

For this reviewer, the Literider has effectively replaced many car trips while keeping me active. It has substantially enriched my lifestyle by empowering exploration of my city and beyond. I can confidently recommend it.