Kingbull Voyager vs Himiway Big dog, how to choose your electric cargo bike.

Kingbull Voyager vs Himiway Big dog, how to choose your electric cargo bike.

A cargo e-bike is an electric bike designed specifically for cargo transportation. It combines the flexibility of a traditional bike with the convenience of electric technology to carry large amounts of cargo with ease. As riders’ requirements for efficiency and environmental protection continue to increase, Kingbull electric bikes have gradually become people’s best choice.

In this piece, we’ll compare the Kingbull Voyager to the Himiway Big Dog and compare their functional design, technical specs, and overall value for the rider. For those who are shopping for a cargo e-bike, comparing and contrasting these two e-bikes will help you make an informed decision to suit your preferences and needs.

About Kingbull electric bikes

Environmental protection, convenience and efficiency are the mission of Kingbull electric bikes. If you're looking for an electric bike to replace your car, consider Kingbull electric bikes.

Kingbull is not merely about manufacturing and selling e-bikes but about offering a new lifestyle. We always believe that electric bicycles are more than just riding, they will become a part of our lives. We always design and manufacture more advanced electric bikes around this concept. We hope that Kingbull electric bikes are not only a tool for commuting, but can also help you complete public utilities, travel, camping, shopping, and more.

Kingbull electric bikes have the best price/performance ratio. Our powerful motors and batteries can help you save more time and energy. Even if you try those steep and difficult slopes, the powerful torque of the motor allows them to negotiate them easily. In addition, Kingbull pays more attention to riding comfort. Our team is testing our electric bikes every day to improve every detail to give users the best experience.

Kingbull Voyager - Dual battery electric cargo bike

Kingbull Voyager provides greater loading capacity and stability. Whether it's public utility, commuting, or long-distance travel, Voyager delivers an unparalleled experience.


Voyager is equipped with a 17.5Ah large-capacity battery, which has powerful power to support daily commuting, public utilities, and long-distance travel. It can also be equipped with an optional additional battery, reaching an ultra-large capacity of 35Ah, and the driving range can reach more than 100 miles in dual-battery mode.


Kingbull Voyager has a 750W brushless motor that provides powerful torque. Whether you are driving on rough roads or climbing hills, it can provide strong support.


Made of 6061 all aluminum frame. Voyager's frame adopts a one-piece casting method, which provides stronger structural stability. The upgraded rear rack is more stable when loading cargo.


With a total weight of 77 lbs (including a battery), the Voyager is light among cargo e-bikes, allowing you to maneuver easily without feeling tired.


Voyager has CST 20x4.0 fat tires that provide strong traction in various terrain environments. And we use road tread patterns, so the riding noise is smaller.


Hydraulic disc brakes provide greater safety and can brake in a very short time in sudden situations.

Kingbull Voyager vs. Himiway Big Dog

Kingbull Voyager and Himiway Big Dog are both excellent cargo e-bikes, how do you choose? Here’s a comparison of key features and specs:

Market price

The Himiway Big Dog has a street price of $2,099, and the Kingbull Voyager has a street price of $1,799. This is the price in October 2023 (it may be lower during holiday promotions). 

Battery Capacity

Himiway Big Dog uses a 20Ah large-capacity battery to provide a strong battery life guarantee. The Kingbull Voyager's battery capacity is 17.5Ah, but it can be upgraded to 35Ah with extra batteries.

Maximum range

The cruising range of an electric bicycle is undoubtedly an important factor affecting the riding experience. The maximum range of the Kingbull Voyager is 60 miles, which can be upgraded to over 100 miles with the addition of additional batteries. Himiway Big Dog's high-capacity 20Ah battery can provide up to 80 miles of range.

Weight and stability

The Kingbull Voyager weighs 77 lbs and the Himiway Big Dog weighs 88 lbs. The stability of cargo electric bicycles is especially important, and Kingbull Voyoger provides a solution by upgrading the frame. Our one-piece raised rear frame provides great stability when loading cargo or people without tipping over due to weight. And the rear rack can carry up to 300 lbs.


 Feature Kingbull Voyager Himiway Big Dog
Price $1,799.00 $2,099.00
Motor 750W brushless gear motor 750W brushless gear motor

48V 17.5Ah lithium battery

48V 35Ah lithium battery

48V 20Ah lithium battery

Up to 60 miles

Up to 100 miles(Dual battery mode)

Up to 80 miles
Top speed 28 mph 28 mph
Weight 77 lbs 88 lbs
Frame 6061 Aluminum frame with integrated battery design 6061 Aluminum frame with integrated battery design
Wheels 20″ x 4″ CST fat tires 20″ x 4″ Kenda fat tires
Brakes 180mm hydraulic disc brakes 180mm hydraulic disc brakes
Gears Shimano- 14-28T BROWN/BK Shimano- 14-28T BROWN/BK



The Kingbull Voyager and Himiway Big Dog are both excellent cargo e-bikes. If you’re considering a feature-packed, cost-effective cargo bike, choose the Kingbull Voyager over the Himiway Big Dog. Whether you're traveling long distances, using it for utility or daily commuting, Kingbull Voyager can provide you with the most unparalleled experience.

Kingbull is committed to connecting electric bicycles with people's daily life and work, creating a new lifestyle that must be the most convenient, efficient and environmentally friendly.