Which is the best folding electric bike: Kingbull Literider VS. Heybike Ranger

Which is the best folding electric bike: Kingbull Literider VS. Heybike Ranger

Since electric bikes began to become popular around the world, folding electric bikes have been chosen by more consumers due to their practicality and convenience. When you are in the market to explore an electric bike worth buying, features and price often make you hesitate. Today let's explore the best of the two folding electric bikes, Kingbull Liteider and Heybike Ranger.

It’s important to determine which bike is right for you by comparing their features, performance, and overall value. Let’s explore the Kingbull Literider and Heybike Ranger in detail to help you find the electric bike that better suits your needs.

Why do more people choose Kingbull?

Kingbull is a professional electric bike manufacturer headquartered in Hong Kong with a branch in California.

Until 2020, we were committed to manufacturing bikes for global bike sellers. When electric bikes began to become popular around the world, we began to change to a professional electric bike manufacturer and launched the first Kingbull electric bike in 2023.

As a rising star among electric bike brands, Kingbull has been quickly accepted by many consumers with its excellent performance fat tire electric bikes. In the eyes of many riders, Kingbull is a popular electric bike brand with a stylish and cool appearance and excellent cost-effectiveness.

Despite the low price, we always ensure the quality, so that every rider can experience the best electric bike at a lower cost, explore and enjoy a new lifestyle, this is Kingbull's mission.

Kingbull Literider: Product Features and Advantages

Folding electric bike Kingbull Literider is famous for its folding convenience and all-terrain CST tires. No matter what the weather and terrain conditions, Literider can provide you with a smoother and safer riding experience.

It is worth mentioning that Literider's exterior design, built-in battery and swan handlebar design, this fashionable appearance fascinates most riders. The sturdy all-aluminum frame greatly improves the safety and stability of the bicycle, and is strong and durable.

The biggest advantage of Kingbull Liteider is its cost-effectiveness. Despite its excellent appearance design and performance parameters that are higher than the market level, its price is quite favorable compared with other electric bicycles, which is why more riders pursue it.

Heybike Ranger: Product Features and Advantages

Heybike Ranger is a versatile electric bike that offers comfort and enjoyment. Its folding frame enables easy storage and transport.

Running up to 65 miles, Ranger takes you to anywhere you want. Whether you're cruising on pavement or tackling trails, it delivers a smooth and thrilling ride for you every time.

Comparative Analysis: Kingbull Literider vs. Heybike Ranger

Kingbull Literider and Heybike Ranger are both excellent folding electric bikes, there are some similarities and differences in configuration, please refer to the table below for comparison:

Feature Kingbull Literider Heybike Ranger
Frame Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Alloy
Battery 720Wh 720Wh
Motor 750W/1300W Peak Motor  500W/1000W Peak Motor
Fork Hydraulic Fork Front Suspension
Wheel 20" x 4.0" CST All-terrain Tires 20"x4" Fat Tires
Brakes Hydraulic Mechanical
50 Miles
65 Miles
Top Speed
28 MPH
25 MPH

Main performance and parameters

Both bikes are equipped with a 48V 15Ah battery, which provides excellent endurance and provides strong support for commuting and travel. The Kingbull Literider uses a 750W brushless hub motor, which can provide better assistance capabilities during travel compared to the Ranger's 500W motor. And, the Literider uses an upgraded inner ring that helps dissipate heat for enhanced durability and safety.

Design and Comfort

Kingbull Liteider uses a hidden battery design, which increases the cost but greatly improves the appearance of the vehicle and the safety of the battery. Furthermore, the Literider also comes with a superior hydraulic front fork suspension that absorbs shocks and vibrations from uneven terrain, enhancing overall ride comfort and stability.

Safety Features and Durability

For a rider, riding safety is of utmost importance. Compared with the mechanical brakes of Heybike Ranger, the hydraulic brakes of Kingbull Literider have stronger braking power and can provide the same power even after 5 years if properly maintained.

Moreover, the half-twist throttle is also an added safety feature to prevent you from accidentally activating the e-bike, which reduces the chance of injuries. Literider is also equipped with a 48V LED headlight, which is brighter than ordinary small lights and illuminates the road for riders.

Price and Value for Money

Kingbull Liteider and Heybike Ranger are both currently on sale for $999. However, by comparing their features and parameters, Liteider clearly has a better price/performance ratio, and also comes with accessories worth nearly $200 for free! Taking all factors into consideration, choosing Kingbull Liteider is choosing high price/performance ratio.

Rider Reviews

The Kingbull Literider has a lot of buzz on social media, with some influencers even comparing the Literider to electric bikes that cost up to $2,000, but the Literider is not much inferior.

Chris is an RV blogger who often travels outdoors in his RV. Literider allows him to enjoy the outdoors more fully, and all-terrain tires allow him to explore more scenery.

Why Choose Kingbull Literider?

The Kingbull Literider folding electric bike is a versatile and impressive option, perfect for all types of riding adventures. Whether you're commuting through urban streets, exploring rugged off-road trails, or simply enjoying a leisurely ride, the Kingbull Literider excels in performance, durability, and affordability, making it a standout choice in the e-bike market.

When comparing e-bikes, the Kingbull Literider emerges as the clear winner. Despite its lower price point, it offers superior features, making it an exceptional value.


In conclusion, the comparison between the Kingbull Literider and the Heybike Ranger electric bikes underscores the clear advantages of the Literider. Boasting a robust 750W motor, a long-range battery, and a versatile design, the Kingbull Literider stands out as the more compelling choice for riders in search of a dependable and powerful e-bike. Its capability to navigate diverse terrains and riding conditions, along with its competitive pricing for premium features, solidifies the Kingbull Literider as the preferred option.

If you seek an electric bike that seamlessly blends power, endurance, and affordability, the Kingbull Literider is your ideal investment. Embrace the thrill of riding with confidence, assured that the Literider is equipped to meet any adventure head-on.