Handling Error Codes

Handling Error Codes

1. Error Code E034: Throttle Fault

If your electric bike screen says E034, it means there's somethirng funky with the throttle.

why does it occur

Usually, it's either the throttle sensor acting up or it's not hookeed up right
Lots of things can cause this, like hiccups during manufacturingor damage
from a rough ride.


Here's what you can try

1. Throttle Sensor Wire Connection Error

Check the throttle sensor wire. Unplug it, then plug it back inIf the E034
message disappears, it was probably just a bad connection. Easy fix, just make
sure everything's snug.

2. Throttle Damage

If the E034 message sticks around even after you've checkedthe wire, it's
likely the throttle itself is busted. No worries, though! Just reach out to our
customer service team, and we'll send you a new throttle.

Please do the test according to the video

2. Error Code E037: brake abnormality

If you see error code E037 on the display screen, it indicates a brake abnormality.

Why does it occur

The usual causes for this issue are that there is an poor corhtact on the brakesensor cable.

Which cables are the brake sensor ones

The yellow labeled ones as shown in the picture below are the brake sensor cables, one on the left and one on the right.


1.Which sensor works unwell

Reconnect the left and right sense cable separately until the E37 code disappears(For example, if E37 disappears after disconnecting the left side the trouble point is on the left side.)

2.How to fix it
Remove the lever firstly and unscrew the ① fixing screw, then tighten or loosen the ②nut shown below until the E37 code disappear.

Please do the test according to the video

PS: If the problem persists, please contact the customer service team.