Electric Bike Pre-Ride Checklist: What to Consider Before Riding

Electric Bike Pre-Ride Checklist: What to Consider Before Riding

Everyone who receives a new electric bike is eager to assemble it and hit the road for an exhilarating ride. However, just like how drivers should make it a habit to check their rearview mirrors and fasten their seat belts before hitting the road, inspecting your electric bike before riding is crucial for every rider. While there is significant overlap between safety checks for electric bikes and regular bicycles, there are some additional considerations specific to electric bikes. So, buckle up and review our checklist! While you can't predict everything that might happen while riding, a quick check of your electric bike before departure can better ensure you don't encounter any unexpected issues.

 Check Basic Equipment of the Electric Bike

1.Check the Frame and Screws. The frame is a vital component of an electric bike, and a sturdy frame ensures safe riding. Before riding, it's recommended to inspect the entire frame for any deformities, and ensure that screws on the rear frame and pedal are tightened to prevent any parts from falling off during the ride.


2.Check Wiring. Ensure that all wiring is correctly connected and functioning properly.

3.Check Front Suspension. Ensure that the front suspension is in the open position.

4.Check the Chain. Inspect the chain and gears for any damage or breakage, and ensure that your chain is properly placed on the derailleur. If you ride frequently, especially in harsh weather conditions or on dusty roads, it's advisable to clean the chain about once every 1-2 weeks. Cleaning the chain helps extend the life of both the chain and gears, ensuring smooth and safe riding.

5.Check the Tires. Properly inflated tires are crucial for smooth riding. They not only make your journey more comfortable but also reduce the risk of tire punctures due to under-inflation. You can check the sidewall of the tires to find the recommended tire pressure and inflate them to that level. Additionally, inspect the tire surface for any cracks or signs of wear. If there are any cracks, do not ride the bike until the tires are replaced. Over time, natural vibrations from riding on the road can loosen quick-release bolts, so we strongly recommend checking this component before each ride.

6.Check the Handlebars and Seatpost. The position of the handlebars and seatpost determines your comfort while riding. Ensure that the handlebars are adjusted to a comfortable angle and securely tightened to the stem. Additionally, if you find the seatpost slipping, fully tighten the quick-release lever onto the seatpost.

7.Check the Headlight & Taillight. Lights are essential indicators of your riding status for pedestrians and other vehicles on the road. Before riding, ensure that the lights are functioning properly.Depending on the model of Kingbull electric bike, there may be slight differences in how the lights are operated:

Voyager: Long press "+", the headlight turns on or off, and taillight are operated by the red button for left/right indication.

Rover: Long press "+", the headlight/taillight turns on or off.

Literider: Long press "+", both front and rear lights turn on or off simultaneously.

 8.Ensure You Have a Helmet. We don't want to sound like your mom, but you can't ride a bike without wearing a helmet. Helmets aren't "cool," but you know what's even less cool? Head injuries. Before riding any bike, be sure to wear your helmet properly and check the helmet straps to ensure they are securely fastened to your head.

 Check Electric Bike System Equipment

1.Check the Battery. The most crucial part of an electric bike is its power source. Open the right rubber cover and adjust the red button to "I", "I" indicates that the battery is supplying power normally. Press and hold the button on the front of the battery to check the battery level. The fun of an electric bike comes from the motor, so before rolling it out of the garage, ensure that the battery is fully charged.

2.Check Pedal Assist. After turning on the power, adjust the pedal assist through "+/-". The pedal assist has 0-5 levels, with 0 indicating no pedal assist. If you can't adjust it to 0, long-press "+" and "-", and short-press the power button to adjust the display to P19, then adjust the corresponding value to 000 through "+" or "-".

3.Check the Derailleur. All Kingbull electric bikes come equipped with Shimano 7-speed derailleurs. Before riding, it's recommended to check if shifting gears is smooth, as this will be a significant factor affecting your riding experience.

4.Check the Brakes. Before riding, it's advisable to check the brakes by squeezing the control levers of the front and rear brakes to ensure that the brakes engage as expected. Check if the rubber pads on the brake discs and the screws on the brake discs are tightened to ensure that your brakes operate at maximum efficiency.

5.Check the Throttle. Before checking the throttle, ensure that the rear wheel is lifted off the ground and not in direct contact with the ground. Depending on the throttle method of different models, twist or lightly press the throttle to see if the tire rotates normally, and if the speed value on the display is normal, to ensure normal operation during the ride. If you need to adjust or view the PAS speed on the display, start by long-pressing the '+' and '-' buttons to access the display. Then, navigate to P21 by pressing the power button, and adjust the parameters using the '+' or '-' buttons. Once adjusted, press the power button to move to P22, and continue in the same manner.The smaller the value, the slower the speed, and riders can adjust according to their riding habits.

 P P21 P22 P23 P24 P25
Parameters 70 95 140 180 255


Taking the time to perform a pre-ride safety check on your electric bike significantly enhances the likelihood of a smooth and enjoyable ride. By consistently conducting these checks and keeping up with regular maintenance year-round, you'll minimize the chances of unexpected maintenance issues cropping up. So, here's to safe and pleasant rides ahead!