Why My Electric Bike Won't Start After Delivery: Common Issues and Solutions

Why My Electric Bike Won't Start After Delivery: Common Issues and Solutions

Upon receiving their electric bike, many customers report that despite charging the battery, their bike fails to start or the throttle doesn't respond, much like a traditional bike. This issue can be frustrating, especially after eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new mode of transportation. Understanding the common problems and their solutions can help resolve these issues quickly and get you back on the road.

Reasons Why Your Electric Bike Won't Start

  • Battery is Depleted 

The first thing you should do after receiving your electric bike is to check the battery level. Long press the button in the middle of the battery. If the indicator light does not turn on, it means the battery is depleted.

Light Status
Battery Status
3 Green Lights & Red Light 80% -100% Power
Green Lights & Red Lights 60% - 80% Power
Green Lights & Red Lights 40% - 60% Power
Only Red Light 20% - 40% Power
No Light 0% Power
  • Battery is Still Charging 

During the first charge after receiving their electric bike, After charging, they forget to unplug the charging cable before turning on the power, which prevents the bike from starting. 

  • Power Switch on the Right Side of the Battery is Not Turned On

There is a power switch on the right side of the battery that needs to be switched to the "I" position to turn on the power.

  •  Instrument Panel Power Button on the Left Handlebar is Not Pressed

Typically, electric bikes require a long press of the power button to activate the electric assist, similar to how a car needs to be started before it can run. The same applies to your bike; you need to long press the power button on the left handlebar to activate the display.

How to Start an Electric Bike

Activate the Battery:

Turn the red switch on the right side of the battery to the "l" position to power it on.

Check Battery Level:

Press and hold the button in the middle of the battery to check the current battery level.

Power On the E-Bike:

Press and hold the power button located next to the left handlebar to activate the e-bike.

Adjust Pedal Assist:

Briefly press the "+" or "-" buttons to adjust the pedal assist level according to your preference, ranging from levels 1 to 5.If the pedal assist level is set to 0, the electric bike will not operate.


If you have followed all the troubleshooting steps and your electric bike still won't start, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team at email customers@kingbullbike.com for further assistance. We are committed to ensuring that your riding experience is smooth and enjoyable. Remember, proper maintenance and understanding your e-bike's functions can prevent many common issues. Thank you for choosing Kingbull Bike, and happy riding.