Priscilla Perez

Priscilla Perez

First meeting with kingbull cargo electric bike Voyager

After knee surgery, though successful, my legs needed some extra care. During that time, I found myself mostly confined to home, unable to support my body weight for long periods. In such circumstances, I turned to electric bikes and chose the Kingbull Voyager as both a means of transportation and a form of therapy. But the Voyager did more than just aid my recovery; it made me stronger and proved incredibly convenient for commuting.

Help my family on my behalf

The primary reason for choosing it was to meet the needs of both myself and my daughter, Melissa. We required a bike that was easy to get on and off, capable of carrying additional cargo. Melissa, a high school senior, now has the freedom to ride to school on her own, eliminating the need for me to chauffeur her. Additionally, she can easily bike to the grocery store, restaurants, or meet up with friends, all within a 10-minute ride from home.

The Voyager also became a source of relaxation during tough times

Whenever stress weighed heavy on me and my spirits were low, I'd hop on the Kingbull Voyager and explore the nearby park, reconnecting with nature and finding solace. Now, the bike serves the same purpose. I often cruise along the canal, enjoying the bike path. With its powerful motor, it reaches speeds of up to approximately 28 miles per hour.

For those craving a vibrant electric bike adventure, I wholeheartedly recommend the Kingbull Voyager. It's transformed cycling into a joyous and convenient experience.