Riding Review: Kingbull Rover from E-bike Reviews

Riding Review: Kingbull Rover from E-bike Reviews

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“The Kingbull Rover is an affordable all-purpose electric bike that seamlessly combines cruiser comfort, off-road capabilities, and commuting utility.”


Favorites & Admirations:

The Rover stands out with its outstanding performance and features. Equipped with CST wide tires and adjustable suspension soft tail system, this bike adapts to various road conditions, providing stable and comfortable riding experiences whether commuting on city streets or exploring rugged mountain trails.

My favorite aspect is its peak 1220W motor, delivering a robust 84Nm torque that offers excellent power support during straight-line acceleration or climbing. Additionally, the speed sensor technology ensures intelligent power output, resulting in smoother rides.

What's most attractive is the dual suspension system, with an adjustable front fork providing 80mm travel and a soft tail suspension offering 45mm travel, further enhancing the bike's off-road capabilities and riding comfort. Considering its $1199 price tag, such configuration is unparalleled in the market. Moreover, the Rover's mid-mounted soft tail is a standard feature, allowing users to customize with preferred or commonly used components.

Furthermore, the equipped 48V/17.5Ah cobalt lithium battery provides long-lasting power performance, offering approximately 40 miles of regular range and up to 60 miles in PAS mode, with a GPS-tested maximum speed of 28Mph. Paired with a 3A fast charger, the battery can be quickly charged in a short time, fully meeting the needs of long-distance rides.

The wide tires are puncture-resistant CST tires, sized at 26 inches x 4 inches, capable of providing comfort by absorbing significant bumps and excellent traction – you can lower the tire pressure to 5psi to tackle particularly rough terrain such as sand, snow, and mud!


The Kingbull Rover not only delivers outstanding performance and features but also comes with a two-year comprehensive warranty, providing riders with added confidence and assurance.

The 1000-lumen front light and rear reflector increase safety during night rides, ensuring your riding safety.

Kingbull also provides a full set of fenders for the Rover, although unnecessary for a mountain electric bike, and these are all provided free of charge.


Overall, the Kingbull Rover is a high-performance, feature-rich electric bike that provides enjoyable riding experiences whether for city commuting or outdoor adventures.