What Type of Electric Bike is Right for Me? The Ultimate electric E-Bike Guide

What Type of Electric Bike is Right for Me? The Ultimate electric E-Bike Guide

The Ultimate Electric Bike Buying Guide!

As e-bikes become more popular, more and more are available on the market. Riding an e-bike has given people a newfound fascination, as pedal assistance opens up new possibilities: you can use an e-bike to carry cargo more easily, arrive at your destination without breaking a sweat, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of your ride even with limited stamina.

If you are considering buying an electric bike but are confused by the various types of electric bikes available on the market, this article will help you find your answer.

Types of Electric Bikes

There are many ways to classify electric bikes, which often makes people feel confused, but knowing the classification of electric bikes is very important for purchasing electric bikes. I will introduce the types of electric bikes from some of the most common and easiest to understand classification methods.

Classification of Electric Bikes by Function

  • Folding electric bike: One of the most popular types of electric bikes. This type of electric bike usually uses small wheels and a small frame, which can be folded for easy carrying and transportation.
  • Off-road electric bike: This type of electric bike is usually equipped with a better suspension system and off-road tires, suitable for outdoor and jungle riding.
  • Commuter electric bike: the most common type of electric bike. This type of electric bike is specially designed for commuting and lacks good suspension and transportation functions, but it is cost-effective as a commuting tool.
  • Cargo electric bikes: As the name implies, cargo electric bikes are designed for cargo transportation. They usually have larger frames and can be used with front and rear blue bikes, trailers and other tools to achieve maximum transportation function.
  • Motorcycle electric bike: It looks similar to a motorcycle, but it is essentially an electric bike, suitable for some riders who pursue a cool appearance.
  • Children's e-bikes: Although e-bikes are not suitable for children, some manufacturers still highlight e-bikes designed specifically for children. These e-bikes are smaller, lighter, and slower.

Classification of Electric Bikes by Frame

  • Step-over Ebike: The advantage of this type of bike is its stability. Due to the addition of the top tube, the entire frame is in a stable geometric structure, which prevents the frame from shaking. It is suitable for off-road and rugged road riding. Off-road and mountain riding usually use step-over frames.
  • Step-thru Ebike: There is no top tube, and the rider steps onto the saddle. This design is very popular with seniors and women.

Classification of Electric Bikes by Laws & Regulations

  • Class 1 e-bikes: Class 1 e-bikes refer to electric bikes that provide assistance while riding, but the assistance can only be activated while pedaling; the electric assist system must be triggered by pedaling. The maximum speed is typically limited to 20 miles per hour or less.
  • Class 2 e-bikes: Class 2 e-bikes also provide assistance while riding but come equipped with a throttle. Riders can control the electric assistance using the throttle in addition to pedaling. The maximum speed is usually restricted to 20 miles per hour or less.
  • Class 3 e-bikes: Class 3 e-bikes provide assistance activated while riding, typically with a speed limit of 28 miles per hour or less. Similar to Class 1, activation of the assist system generally requires pedaling rather than using a throttle.

Which Electric Bike Is Right for Me?

Now that we’ve looked at all the types of electric bikes there are, which one is the right one for me? Each type of electric bike has its unique advantages, and we need to choose according to our needs when purchasing an electric bike.

For ordinary urban commuters, buying an electric bike is mainly for transportation, and comfort needs to be considered. Folding electric bikes and ordinary commuter electric bikes are both good choices.

If you live in the suburbs, often ride on rough roads or go off-road, an elevated off-road electric bike is the right choice.

If you often use electric bikes to shop, transport goods, or use them to complete work, such as couriers, deliverymen, etc., cargo electric bikes will be able to help you.

In short, how to choose a suitable electric bike depends on our bike needs.

Points When Buying an Electric Bike

In order to buy the most satisfactory electric bike, you need to consider the following points.

  • Battery capacity: This will determine how far you can ride. You need to estimate the range you will ride each time, and choosing a bike with the right battery capacity can improve your riding experience and save you money.
  • Motor power: The power of the motor affects your riding speed and ability to handle rough terrain. If you often climb hills or transport cargo, a low-power motor may not meet your needs.
  • Throttle type: Common throttle types on the market include thumb throttle and half-twist throttle. Depending on your preferences and riding scenarios, you need to choose a more comfortable throttle type, which will affect the riding experience and safety.
  • Warranty: Make sure the seller offers a warranty policy. The technical difficulty of maintaining and repairing electric bikes is higher than that of ordinary bikes. Buying electric bikes from professional sellers can get better support.
  • Cost: Electric bikes are more expensive, but most merchants support installment payments. Kingbull offers an interest-free installment option for 4 periods.


Are e-bikes waterproof? Yes, e-bikes are waterproof and can be ridden in the rain. However, water can still damage the motor and battery, causing circuit problems. We recommend avoiding riding in the rain as much as possible and always following manufacturer guidelines.

Do I need a driver's license? No, you don't need a driver's license to ride an e-bike in the United States, but you still need to check and obey local laws at all times.

Can an electric bike carry passengers? Yes, you can carry passengers.

Can bicycle shops repair electric bikes? Yes, most bike shops sell electric bikes and also support the repair of electric bikes.

Will the bike be damaged by courier shipping? Usually not, the manufacturer has designed the packaging to prevent shipping damage and offers free replacement parts and returns for shipping damage.


Through this article, I believe you have a comprehensive understanding of the classification of electric bikes. How to choose an electric bike that suits you needs to be selected according to your usage needs and budget.

Kingbull is a professional electric bike manufacturer that provides cost-effective electric bike needs. If you are planning to buy an electric bike, you may wish to take a look.